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Dora, posts from the channel

Trying to Сonceive

Why does it seem like it's taking forever for ovulation day to get here...sigh😞
I just hope this month is normal and not like last month.

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— What CD are you ?

— Cd9....feels like the days are dragging by

— @woodley02, lol I didn’t ovulate till CD20. Felt like it took foreverrrrr.

— I didn’t O till cd54.... cd3.

— @lauren_leigh last month I didn't ovulate so my doctor had me take provera to start af. I finally did on cd45. My cycles go from 27-43 days. Just depends on what my body decides to do. My doctor thinks im not ovulating every time.

— @snavarro93 I use to have cycles like that. Sometimes I would uave a 64 or more day cycles. My doctor said I was skipping ovulation. She put me on metformin and it helped a lot.