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Before and after little mans hair cut. I think I did a pretty good job

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β€” Wow he looks so much older wt his haircut

β€” You did a really nice job! Looks great! πŸ‘

β€” @j.family1215, @scruffy.nerf.herder, thank y’all. It makes me cry because he starts kindergarten in August 😭😭😭😭

β€” @kelseychapman13, my son is in kindergarten right now. It's amazing how fast time flies by and how fast they grow up! 😒

β€” @scruffy.nerf.herder, I know. I keep telling him to stop growing and he says no mommy I want to get a girlfriend and get married like you and daddy 😭😭😭 no buddy you can’t lol I won’t let you lol