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Traditional Iraqi breakfast

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β€” What's the ingredients?

β€” Ramadan Mubarak!! This looks delicious! What’s in it?

β€” Yes, what is all that? πŸ˜‚

β€” @_sheriee @motherof3boyz702 You get a can of fava beans you heat up on the stove you get Iraqi bread you soak the water of the beans in it you take the bread out put it on a plate then peel the beans and put it on top of the bread cut up tomatoes and cucumber onion slice put it on the sides like in the picture and then you sprinkle on I don't know what this spice is called in English but in Arabic it's called butnich it's like mint you can use dry mint you sprinkle it on top at the end and Serve with a side of lemons slices then you fry some eggs add extra oil in your eggs so when you put on top the oil gets all in the bread as well it's absolutely delicious