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Where does one find the motivation to fold clothes??

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— Between the piles of "hell no" and "theyre clean just dig through the basket to find things". The motivation is next to my stellar pre pregnancy body and my mental sanity. In other words, never to be found again. At least not right now

— Motivation comes when you decide it's not worth rewashing clothes that haven't been worn because they've been stepped on too many times after falling out of the basket or off the couch.

— I’ll get to it on my next off day 😏 @tiredmom, @cajuncateral,

— That is what my older kids are for 😏

— @islandmer, lucky.. baby girl only 3 😖

— @ambergainer no judgment here. I've let mine go for weeks before.

— @ambergainer, never too young to start reaching her to help. Make it into a game! Train them from young lol