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When should i worry about high blood pressure? I feel that i shouldn’t pay too much mind to it because it goes back to normal when i calm down after being stressed/upset.

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— Omg yess same thing with me

— @mommie2be26th, i actually went in today to get checked at a pharmacy while im clam and not in pain and turns i actually have HBP :/ have to call my dr tomorrow... at first i thought it was only when id be upset or feeling pained so i decoded to go in while feeling “ok” and got my actual results.

— @yesicondaa well last time mine was 151?? i think but my dr ssid everytime i go in theyll check it but so far they havent done nothing to me or said anything

— @mommie2be26th, have they been monitoring you? I heard it can cause preeclampsia which is dangerous to you and baby. Thats the only reason im worried :( dont want nothing to happen to my baby.