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Everybody posting about watching Greys and I’m stuck in Mexico, hopefully it won’t be spoiled for me 😕 can’t watch it till June 5th 😭

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— This is what happens....... Just kidding I never watch it but I might have to start everyone seems to love it lol

— @mombie., I just started when pregnant, watched all the season on Netflix lol

— @boymom_, once we get our internet set up I’ll have to try it

— Oh you why do you have to wait that long? It was a crazy, good episode, hate how they end leaving you waiting to see what’s next tho lol

— @foureyejojo, I’m at a cancer clinic in Mexico and there’s no cable here but two channels .. no satellites here pick up my cable for my table either 😕 lol

— @boymom_, awe that’s a bummer