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any moms had normal bp, but a high pulse? was there any explanation? been feeling like my hearts been racing all day bc of a high pulse. history of preeclampsia, I hate running to l&d over everything.

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— I would go and get it checked anyways to be safe. I had this issue with my second pregnancy and would get moments where I would suddenly feel like headed or like I was unable to catch my breath and could feel my heart racing. When I went to get checked the doctor told me that because my extra blood volume increased so much and I was still having caffeine it was causing me to have panic attacks. Once I quit my afternoon coffee this came to an end but it was scary. Good luck and keep us updated!

— @samanthjennings92 it is normal !! In pregnancy mother s heart pumps more blood than a normal heart. Heart has to send blood to the baby too. Your HB increases so does ur heart beat. Sometimes u ll hear heart beat twice as fast its actually normal