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Ladies who have had experience with the aftermath of a c-section this post is for you: I finally got my period about 6 to 7 weeks after my c section. It lasted a day or so longer than my usual but it stopped and I thought it was gone. Yet it came back the day after. Is this normal? I would be so embarrassed if I’m at work or out in public and my grown ass start bleeding but didn’t know. I started back bleeding out of no where but luckily I was at home and not in public wearing my favorite color: WHITE! Please share your insight about menstruation after c section. Thanks

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— My cycle was super crazy after it came back. I think I was about 7w, but it came back and was super long, then was short, then skipped a month, then was late, then was early, some heavy, some light. I'm only now starting to get back into a rhythm. I just wear liners.

— I would carry extra stuff in my diaper bag just in case! I can’t remember when I started bleeding but I remember it was a LOT and I had clots and stuff. And it was irregular for awhile so you just kinda have to be prepared for it to come whenever :/ kinda sucks

— Thanks guys. Good thing I’m no longer working and I’m currently a stay at home mom. This would have sucked greatly had I been out somewhere because it wasn’t just spotting, it flowed down my inner thigh and leg. Embarrassing

— I breast fed my babies for abt 3-4 mo the after and I didn’t get a cycle until I stopped but once I did it was pretty regular after the first one

— @porchehayes, interesting. Mines is playing peek a boo. I bled for 7 days then it stopped, came back for 1 day now it’s gone again. I’m done lol