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Hair removal methods during pregnancy for bikini area? P.S. if you wax I don’t wanna know unless it’s painless; thanks in ADVANCE!

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— LOL! I prefer waxing but bedrest has made that awkward! However shaving and using coconut oil instead of shaving cream has been awesome. No irritation whatsoever!!

— @memybumpandi, I want the results of a wax without the razor bumps

— @moore_dyon, LOL! Waxing doesn’t hurt with hot wax. But shaving with the coconut oil has been great so far, but you can never beat waxing.

— i have my sister shave my vagina

— I agree waxing is the best way.. and it only hurts the first time 😂

— @moore_dyon lol! I have really senitive skin and rub some deodorant on my hands (i use dove if it matters) and rub it down there and it stopped my razor bumps my friend told me to thought she sounded crazy but swear it worked sooooo well for me i never get them 😔

— That was supposed to be a smile 😁 lol

— Sugar bee waxing is less painful and is good for people who has sensitive skin