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Ok so this morning I woke up with light pink spotting again. And an hour or so after being awake it turned bright red. No cramps at first but now I'm having burning period like cramps and cramps in my lower back. The cramps aren't intense yet but im scared they will get worse. :( what is going on why am I having all this spotting and now bleeding with this pregnancy? I was spotting pink almost a week ago too but it didn't last long then, and baby was fine then. Should I be checked again or wait it out?

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— If it's bright red and your cramping you need to be checked asap

— Please go to A&E

— i would go get checked asap

— Bright red and period cramps I would go to the ER or at least call them ASAP

— @xoxochelsey how far along are you?

— @xoxochelsey I think you should go to the hospital asap that don't sound good that happened to be last yr when I lost my baby I'm currently 13week 1day now

— @ladyygee 6 weeks. I had pink spotting at 5 weeks 3 days as well. I wouldn't really be worried right now if it wasn't red.

— @xoxochelsey yea I understand what you mean just please go get checked out just to be on the safe side keep me posted I'll be praying for you mama👏👐😇

— Ok ladies I called my OB they said it can be normal and to just keep my appointment for July 9th and they will check me out then and that's all they would tell me. @ladyygee I know that's why I'm worried I had a miscarriage back in January and it kinda started the same way. But even if I go to er they can't do anything for me. :( I just gotta wait it out like last time. I went to er when I had my miscarriage in January and got sent home because they said they can't do anything about miscarriages

— @ladyygee thank you

— @xoxochelsey, have you had sex recently?

— @xoxochelsey your welcome 😊

— @memybumpandi its been awhile. I've been scared too since I swear that's what caused my miscarriage in January or at least sped the miscarriage along. Day after sex in I started bleeding and lost the baby that evening. I was 5 weeks.

— @xoxochelsey, aw, so sorry!! Might just be implantation bleeding. Its still early, July 9th is so far are you sure you don’t wanna just go and check?

— @memybumpandi I think it would be too late for implantation bleeding? (I may be wrong) We've already seen baby on an ultrasound

— @xoxochelsey, true, or just your cervix being delicate. Either way I’m praying for you xxx

— @memybumpandi thank you!!

— GO get checked at the ER

— Yes please go to the er

— @xoxochelsey anytime love😍

— Any update??