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When did u feel ur baby move ... baby #1

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— 17 weeks

— I feel like lil popping in the bottom of my stomach

— Wht could tht b I'm 12 weeks 3 days

— 15weeks for me

— 18 weeks and waiting to feel baby move :)

— @alexis.petrucci, it’s early flutters

— I was 14 weeks when I felt what I could only describe as a bubble machine in my stomach. I thought it was gas lol

— @alexis.petrucci, It’s when they are moving around but Arby big or strong enough to really feel full movements.

— 20 wks

— @colorfuldreams so it was flutters?

— Definitely 17 weeks 💗💗

— @alexis.petrucci, Most likely, that’s similar to what I felt but it was higher. Asked my doctor and she said it was flutters/ early fetal movement

— @colorfuldreams it was like a lil low but high 2 I first thought it was gas but it felt like bubbles

— Mixed with popping

— @alexis.petrucci, your little ones probly wiggling around and causing that feeling

— @colorfuldreams it's so exciting tbh I can't wait to feel it more

— @alexis.petrucci, I felt flutters up until I was 22 weeks the. I started to feel moving and turning with small kicks

— @colorfuldreams I can't wait

— @alexis.petrucci, Congratulations on your pregnancy

— @colorfuldreams thank u