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Am i the only one who goes through my newsfeed just to see baby bumps???? I love seeing how different and AMAZING our bodies are!!!

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β€” @d.j112811 I do to lol a and newborn babies too

β€” @jaimeaenold770 yep bumps and babies!!!

β€” I go threw the newsfeed like dang I wish I was 37 weeks lol I wanna be almost due πŸ˜‚ but I’m enjoying this while I can cause it will be my only time

β€” @katt82 yea i feel you, this is my last baby i try to enjoy it as much as possible but its a lot harder than my first pregnancy.

β€” Yea I only want 1 lol don’t know w if I can handle more than 1 but in that case I need to figure out if I’m gonna get my tubes tired r just get in some type of birth control still debating

β€” @katt82 i wanted mine tied after my son but wouldnt let me cuz i was young and had only one baby. This time im 26 and just signed my tubal surgery paperwork right after i have my lil girl im soooo happy this is my last baby bc its been a hard road getting pregnant and staying pregnant. I hope it works out for you!

β€” Ty girlie same with you 😬