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I feel so awful about myself in every way possible, it’s making dealing with depression that much harder. Like I don’t even want to go anywhere but that’s all my SO wants to do is go to his moms house almost every effing night. Getting out of the house is nice but we are there for hours on end and let’s face it, it’s not my house so it’s just not as comfortable.

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— Have you tried talking to your DR. It sounds like Postpartum depression. You probably already have. As far as the hubby just let him know that you wanna do something else.

— @schwabs2017, I am gonna call tomorrow, I’ve been meaning to 😔 I guess do I just ask to speak to the nurse and go from there?

— Mama its normal to feel like that and is best to call the doc. As for the hubby just let him know you need time to rest at home thats it once you feel better tell him your reasons👍 after all your the mama and its now or when you really regret things