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So I’m really considering to get the pregnancy pillow, but not sure if it’s worth it cause they can be pretty expensive.. my bed is filled with pillows but they just don’t seem to be helping my back sciatic pains at night and lately I’ve been tossing and turning because the pain is just so uncomfortable 😣! Any recommendations on what has helped you mamas!

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— I had it bad too I had to be hospitalized and give strong pain meds but after that I went to a chiropractor twice and that helped a lot.

— They have them at target you can order or go if it’s close for 20 and up love. I wanna get one I just keep forgetting about it or got bills lol what’s you’re price range maybe I can find something online ?

— Pregnancy body pillows are definitely comforting

— My mom bought me one, said she paid $35 I think? It takes up a lot of room and my husband hates it (calls it the husband replacement 😂) but I wish I’d had it for my last pregnancy! It’s great 🤗

— It's worth it 😍

— My fiance got me one that was like $80. Supposed to be great, I was so excited. I hated it 😩 I felt so much worse when I used it.

— Wishlist have them cheaper

— Couldn't live without it.

— I have the snoggle. It is expensive, but it’s so worth it. So comforting laying with it either way. You can also wrap it around you and use it like a boppy to help breastfeed (I never could but I liked that feature) now I use it to prop myself up to feed my daughter a bottle.

— I’ve realized that as long as I have something propped between my thighs at night my sciatic doesn’t feel as bad the next morning but without them oh boy 😂 I just don’t wanna spend the money cause I know I won’t use it after I’m done being pregnant

— I use a body pillow always and while I was pregnant it worked just fine. You can usually get them from Walmart it Costco

— @martcas1989, really aw man that sucks our bodies go thru so much during & after pregnancy! But we must take care of ourselves.

— @mommamia18, oh I haven’t checked online that would probably be good to do lol and like no more than 40$ I would say 🤷🏽‍♀️

— @ladyblauvelt.skysmomma, yea my bed is filled with pillows lol my husband always says how come I don’t share the pillows 😂 but he understands that it’s for my comfort but seriously the back pain is no joke!

— @hotrodfjg, lol I seen a meme about pregnancy pillows being husband replacements 😂 but I will definitely look into possibly getting one or figuring out kinds of stretches that will help ease the back pain .

— @nomli, did you really? How did it make you feel worse? That’s why I was curious some say it’s great others don’t! But I guess keeping pillows between my legs does seem to ease some pain!

— @princessrose, wow that’s neat!

— @alyboo102293, yes I’ve noticed that as long as I have pillows betweeen my thighs i wake up great no pain and when I don’t oh man can’t even get up without being in pain! & that’s exactly what I was thinking i probably won’t be using it after pregnancy 🤷🏽‍♀️..

— @nessaness, I saw one online for 20! Online shopping is awesome lol

— @nessaness, using it my neck, head, and back just hurt a million times more, even after only an hour. I wound up using three separate pillows, one between my thighs, one squidged under my belly, one squidged under my back. Plus the pillows for my head. My fiance hated it and slept on the couch more often than not because there was no room.