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Why is everyone putting me down today. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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β€” Hope you feel better, ignore all the bitter ppl

β€” Have a hot bath and cry it out and out it behind you!! Detox and protect your space.


β€” Shake them haters off booπŸ˜‰

β€” @motherof3boyz702, thank you

β€” @memybumpandi, I sat in my room and listen music and just cried. It made me feel a little bit better

β€” @riasm85, trying but it’s hard when it’s my mom and husband always putting me down

β€” @juliam27, yep, been there. Snap and blame your hormones!

β€” @memybumpandi, I finally went off on my mom and husband today. I just can’t take it anymore.

β€” u dont deserve to be miss treated

β€” @juliam27, good for you! Holding it in can make you sick!

β€” @memybumpandi, yes it does. I hate holding stuff in because i get frustrated or depressed

β€” @adri8192, it sucks because my mom and husband don’t care how they treat me

β€” have u tried telling them how there making u feel

β€” @juliam27, do you feel better?

β€” @memybumpandi, not really I got into on the phone with my husband and now I’m having contractions

β€” @adri8192, they don’t care. They tell me I’m being a cry baby or too dramatic

β€” ive heard those words so many times when i cry.

β€” @adri8192, they tell me that all the time

β€” i wish i lived closer.

β€” @adri8192, it just sucks when I can’t talk to my family or friends about anything like this

β€” i feel ya. if u ever need anything om here u can add me to snapchat

β€” @juliam27, Oh dear, you really went in!! Try and calm down a little you’ve got it out of your system now. Just take some really deep breaths and calm down.

β€” @adri8192, thanks

β€” @memybumpandi, oh yea same thing happen when me and my mom got into it. They just don’t seem to understand how I feel