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Blood sugar levels at 14....
So..... I just found out that I have diabetes. I have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm wondering if this is gestational or if I could have been diabetic before?? Does the level give any insight to that or am I just going to have to find out after pregnancy if my levels are still high?

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— Welcome to the club LOL! I came back at 9.7mmol (do the US use the same measurement?) and I’m managing mine with diet. They say they test you after you have given birth to see how your glucose levels react to see if you are a real diabetic.

— @memybumpandi ok ok!

— @trina1330, oh I just realised your so early into your pregnancy, what made them check so early?

— @memybumpandi I'm so bummed out over having to change my diet but I'm happy to hear medication or poking myself often might not be on the table

— @memybumpandi my doc took blood and a urine sample yesterday called me in asap this evening and told me that 😣

— @trina1330, its such hard work especially when cravings kick in and your starving!! But no pricking is a godsend i prick 4 times a day!! My fingers are so painful

— @trina1330, at least they’re on the ball!!

— Awww @4 times a day. Sigh... Ya... I'm glad I know so early but geeze...

— I had it my last two pregnancies and the doc told me because my guest born was over 9lbs. My last one was 10lbs 7oz..

— @starting_over39, big babies!!! I bet they’re tall now!

— Oh yes the youngest looks like she's 2 1/2.. She'll be two in October.. I was insulin dependent both pregnancis too.. Plus on blood thinners still but developed my first clot in my left lung at 17weeks pregnant with my last baby. Had hypertension the day after being discharged from giving birth I returned less than 24 hours later.. And my blood pressure was 230-240. I was readmitted asap. I know all to well about having to deal with everything under the sun this last pregnancy. I don't have hypertension now, no diabetes but I'm pee diabetic, low iron, and still on blood thinners more than likely forever.

— @starting_over39, Oh my goodness!!! And before pregnancy nothing?!

— Yup I was healthy pretty much except I had low iron

— @starting_over39 Woah! I'm just starting to take in the risks and changes I'm going to be facing... This is my first time having this experience. I think with my twins I was border line but everything was fine... I'm hearing some stories of diabetes coupled with hypertension. Is this something that can happen as the result of diabetes? I have my appointment soon but am anxious to know whatever I can before hand. I have no clue about this stuff🙈

— @starting_over39 and glad you made it through all of that!! All my babies would probably be big if I carried full term. They've all been born about a month early and "reg" size. 7.5lbs and twins 5&4 lbs

— @starting_over39, its amazing how people so small can effect us in such bug ways!! LOL!

— @trina1330, whoa!!! Yeah you’re right! And they were a month early? But don’t stress they’ll guide you through. I have Low Papp-A and GDM and really need someone to tell me how the to interact with each other but no one seems to know LOL! The papp a is suppose to make the baby small the diabetes is supposed to make him big..... So far he is average LOL! Its all a lottery LOL!

— @memybumpandi right!!! @ how people so small.....I tell ya lol.