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It’s no problem when my money is covering my husbands part of the bills but god forbid when it’s time for him to pay me back no only does he give me a little at a time when I wasn’t paying bills little at a time but he always try to play this guilt card talking about I got no money well I don’t got money either when I have to pay ur portion I don’t feel bad

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— You and your husband split bills and he needs to pay you back?

— If you're married, why are there "his" bills and "your" bills? Aren't they all just bills that your family needs to pay? I don't mean to sound judgy or rude. Just trying to understand why there's such a hard line of distinction between your finances. If one of you goes down, you both are affected.

— @mamabear918, if I make my own money and he pays half and I pay half I’m not paying all the bills with my money when he can do whatever he wants with his I have my personal bills I need to cover also if I wanted to pay all the bills on my own I could’ve stayed single and on my own so yes when I have to cover his portion cause he wanted to be irresponsible with money he has to pay me back because then it throws off my money and where I wanted it all to go

— Every family is different ladies, she's just tryna vent

— @motherof3boyz702, thank you

— I get that you both pay the bills but I find it strange that there's a clear cut line of each paying 50/50.

— I’m sorry I work for my money and don’t want anyone affecting my money I don’t take care of another grown ass person he might as well be a stay at home dad if ima cover all the bills my money is my money his is his married or not we handle our own money that’s how it works in some households and some households have one person working and depend on that one person just don’t work that way around here

— Here we go 🙄 with the "she's just trying to vent so no one else can ask questions, give opinions, disagree, or give advice she doesn't agree with". That didn't take long.

— No problem

— @mamabear918, I have more bills than him period I’m not about to pay for his plus my personal bills if I have plans for where my money is going I just don’t affect that flow

— Divorce him then you won’t have to worry about any of that

— @mommie_4, cause marriage is about money and how we pay our bills🤦🏽‍♀️I forgot my bad u right

— We were asking clarifying questions rather than making assumptions. Sorry if that's offensive somehow.

— Ppl are so quick to gang up on someone but not back up a female

— @motherof3boyz702, I know that’s right that’s why so many people leave the app

— @nikki9109, aye I’m just offering advice cause you seem so upset that’s all my bad 🤗

— Maybe once a month try sitting down with him and budget. Show him his part of bills and which check he needs to use to cover that bill. Example, his part of cable is $50 and needs to be paid by the 14th. His second check of th month would cover it. Try and show him to be more responsible for his money. I'm the one who budgets everything in my house and we live paycheck to paycheck.

— @leenie, tried that multiple times it doesn’t get through to him

— This app can be so annoying. Just because your way of handling your finances is not the same for other households, doesn’t mean it’s strange or the most horrible thing in the world. You were clearly venting and instead of being compassionate, women on here are so quick to give rude ass opinions or advice. I get exactly what you’re saying though. Some ppl are bad at saving money and not putting priorities first. Hope you find what works for y’all! ❤️

— I think it’s just sounded weird the way you worded it Before I became a stay at home mom and I had a job the bills we’re split 50/50. We had our personal bills obviously like phones and credit card loan etc. but as in rent,electricity,gas,cable,internet, food those bills are split even and when they are due you cough up the money for it. We never had the issue of one not having enough for the bills because if you work and make enough to manage half the bills then where is your money? I think maybe you guys need to sit down and budget better.

— @_iamrae, thanks hun

— Did you sign a prenup? Because you could get a joint bank account if not and that way you’re both sharing. My hubby and I have shared our money since we were dating(he was having health issues and we were struggling) and when we got married we got a joint bank account and it made life 10 times easier and then it was always our money and we knew how much we had

— @learningmom18, nah not to try and sound bad but I don’t trust him enough to share an account

— Girl I would be upset to, it sounds like if you didn’t make him he wouldn’t help with bills and that’s not right ☹️ right now I’m a stay at home mama but I handle our bills and everything money wise because my bf isn’t good with money lol I’m just thankful he realizes it and lets me handle everything.

— i think u do right ,when me and hubby both work it was 50/50 girl and if he aint doing that ,u might as well be alone . shit u have bills too and u wanna spend ur money too shit guys can be so incosiderate

— @brittany_s, he wouldn’t he actually got mad I asked for my money back talking bout oh I thought u was just going to cover it😒nah

— @brittany_s same situation as me 😂

— @nikki9109, screw that id be pissed

— @mommytonayeliz, if it wasn’t for me we would be broke and wouldn’t have anything we need 😂

— @brittany_s seriously same here !

— Another idea is you open a joint bank account and you both put in 2/3 of each check and all bills get paid with that. Then you each get some spending money each week

— @leenie, I thought about that but he takes forever to even give me money he owes me or portion of his bills to pay for stuff he ends up spending it anyway and then be like oh I don’t got that he wouldn’t put money in that account to put towards bills like he needs to either

— When my husband and I both worked we split everything 50/50 and paid our own personal bills on our own (not sure why everyone thinks that's weird... seems like common sense to me). Now that he's a SAHD I pay the bills on my own obv, but we did occasionally have issues with him spending his money on something dumb and then not having enough for his half of the bills. It's hard to be responsible with money for some people so it definitely will take multiple conversations to get through to your husband, but I'm sure it will eventually work itself out.

— Omg I’m in the same boat ! The shit is pitiful !

— From how it sounds I am gonna guess that yall do not have direct deposit? It sounds like yall cash your checks each time, correct? Would direct deposit be an option for him? I know that sometimes you are able to direct deposit a certain amount of money into one account (your shared account) and then the rest would go into his account. Would this be an option?

— @lilnote, idk how that came out as not having direct deposit we both have direct deposits

— Well im on your side @nikki9109

— @nikki9109 Oh that was my bad. I misread. Since yall have direct deposit see if he would be willing to change how his check is deposited. He may be able to do that at work (I know my last job let me split my check between 3 different accounts) or you may be able to at your bank.