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Any moms tried the Evening primerose Oil to soften the cervix ??

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— With my first I did it at 38 weeks and I started to dilate. This one I didn’t do it and I’m not dilated at all! So I’ve started doing it now hoping by Monday it gives me at least a little dilation to start my induction

— It’s a little messy doing it vaginally. I do it at bed time and still wear a panty liner cuz it leaks out

— No are you try to dilate

— I’m doing it with this pregnancy but it’s not helping at all basically. I’ve been 3 cm for weeks now and careful if you insert instead of drinking it you’ll have to wear a pad cuz it gets messy

— I’ve been using it for a week and it’s done nothing

— @ashleyp123, 😩😩😩

— @ralesshafelder, yes

— @uniloveee, I did lunges and squats now I’m 2cm dilated

— @ralesshafelder, when r u due

— @uniloveee, 4th of July going in next Thursday

— @uniloveee, wbu

— @ralesshafelder, I’m due July 9th