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Mama's of 3 year olds what size do your kids wear? My big boy is wearing 5t just curious about other kids his age

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β€” Mine will be 4 in October. She wears a 4T.

β€” Mine isn't quite 3 but she wears a 2T. She's always been little though and so is me and her daddy.

β€” Mine will be 4 in November and he wears 4T

β€” Wow my son can still fit 4t in some clothes but 5t is better on him. Hes not over weight he's just tall for his age and has a thicker body frame. Doctors tell me he's very healthy. I guess I just have a big boy πŸ‘¦

β€” I get him 5t just so it could last longer, but he’s a 4t.

β€” Mine wears mostly 5t.

β€” @luvmyboogie yeah that part lol

β€” 5T but he could also fit size 4 in boys

β€” My son turns 3 in July and wears 5t and even that doesn’t fit anymore

β€” 2t-3t

β€” My daughter is 3.5 and wears 3T and 4T. She’s skinny and tall.

β€” My son will be 3 in Nov and wears 3T-4T.

β€” My youngest is 3 and she wears 2T-3T

β€” My 11 yr wear misses clothes my 11 month old wear 2t clothes and my 3 year old wear 4t-5t clothes

β€” Hey! I buy my 3 almost four year old wears 4-5 T She is really tall both my girls are tall like MoMmY My almost 6 year old is wearing size 7-8 Your son is going to be a big boy!! Probably like his daddy :)

β€” @serildageistera666 yeah he gets it from Daddy he always was a big boy growing up. I was a tiny baby until my teen years I got chubby lol how tall are u

β€” That's so cute.. I have two girls and another girl on the way. Tubes are getting tied though after this. I am 5'10 sometimes I look and feel 6ft lol