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How can I increase my breast milk... I went out of town and didn't pump for 2 days even Tho I was still breastfeeding I notice that when I started back pumping my milk decreased a lot. And I would rather pump then breast feed

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— You have to breastfeed to get supply up. Lay up with baby and just keep nursing for a while. It's very important since she's still so young and your milk hasn't regulated. You can resume pumping shortly after.

— @kambam okay thanks I will start doing that now

— My favorite thing to do was power pump. I also took a fenugreek supplement and ate a lot of foods that increased milk supply. You can successfully exclusively use a breast-pump to feed baby. Although i both pumped and breastfeed. But mostly pumped. for the first good 6/8 weeks of my little mans life I just pumped because he had a very bad latch and my nips couldn’t take the constant blisters the pump was very much a relief for me. But you have to make sure your on top of your pumping game if you decide to exclusively pump I pumped every 2/3 hours even when my little one was older. This allowed me to have a giant freezer stash. Which feed not only my baby but another baby as well that I donated my breast milk too. :)

— I ate oatmeal, drank lots of water and mother's milk tea which has the fenugreek in it and consistently nursed. also making sure you're eating enough calories in the day helps. I had food high in protein always with me either mixed nuts, shakes peanut butter

— Thanks ladies

— @kyleigh.e.h so you breast feed the reg 2 to 3 hours and power pump once a day

— @laquandashanea68, yes