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β€” This is totally me since having twins. My one twin gets up constantly. I have no clue why. It's crazy. But this is me because I have not had a full night sleep since I was half way through my pregnancy with them. I swear I have insomnia because if it now. I'm scared

β€” @ladyfreyja, I understand completely I slept so horrible half way through my pregnancy as well and I do have to say my little one isn’t too bad she’s up twice a night but she’s always up super early as well. There’s no way to nap either since my almost 4 year doesn’t nap at all. How often is your one twin baby up? My son as a baby was up constantly but he was colicky with reflux.

β€” Most of the time it starts after midnight, he will just start whining a little and get fussy, so I constantly have to get up to quite him and stick a pacifier in his mouth. I never let him get to full crying so he doesn't wake everyone. I don't even know if he would get loud. But would rather not chance it. They still sleep in a crib in the master bedroom with me. But I wish he would just sleep all night like his sister. They both also do this thing with their legs where they lift them and slam them down. That gets really annoying. I don't remember my first son doing this at night. Wait so no nap for anyone? That sucks. We don't get much naps around here either. We have noisy neighbors upstairs at our condo

β€” @ladyfreyja, no naps only for the baby, he stopped napping at 18 months. I don’t blame you I don’t let my little one get to full crying either. Maybe gas? Sometimes if m daughter has gas she does that with her legs and gets fussy. Does he spit the pacifier out a lot he could also be looking for it my son use to do that and it would wake him up.

β€” Yeah he does that but he does not always fall back to sleep once I put it back in his mouth.