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At the library my son was playing quietly at the tables until a little girl around 3 came in and he went wild lol. He was roaring like a lion and chasing her and I couldn't control him And the old lady there kept clearing her throat haha. He also kept like slamming the toy on the table and the lady told him he couldn't do that. He looked at her mean then looked at me like he was gonna cry lol. He's 2 though that's how they act. They just wanna play. Everyone thinks my son is older cause he's tall and husky but he's only 2! Everyones 2 year old acts the same. They don't know to be quiet all they know is to play. But yeah don't think ima take him in the library again no time soon lol

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— That's why our library had the kids section with the toys as far from the main part of the library as possible! Toddlers don't understand those kind of rules.

— @nomli Yeah my library has the kids section too that's where we were but the old lady behind the counter on the kids side was aggravated by my son and that little girl. Oh well she can quit if she can't handle being around kids lol