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Random but will Ebt cover pedialyte?

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— I'm sure they do

— My MIL buys it with ebt

— @taylorsmommy1017, @mckallalynn.., thank you!

— @amandamduval EBT can buy ANYTHING that you could EAT or DRINK!!! For an idea we can buy coffee, healthy foods, anything for your baby down to formula {if you run out} or {you waiting on your baby wic appt}, baby food, any non wic approval items you want or healthy for your baby, snacks, chips, energy drinks, meats, ice cream!!! You can also Google What Covers On FoodStamps!!!! I hope this may help a lil BabyGirl, I just saw you are from Texas!!!! It shouldn't be different, well at least that's what we can buy here in Louisiana!!!! I would definitely Google It!!!! lol

— Oh & I did buy Pedialyte a few times before lol

— Yep

— Yep