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This app is suppose to be a support group and fun but some of you just makes others leave and hate the app it's clearly not the app it's some of you mothers. Just like baby bump it's not the app it's the mothers like knock it off your grown having kids and trying to have kids like WTF already

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— What’s happened? I thought everything looked quiet?

— @mariapb one mother posted about how she was going thru something the other mother went on here straight bashing her another went and vented and people being mean then I saw another post about someone speaking how they feel others criticising like who are humans to judge anyone that's why I only select what I post here cause the day one come after me I'm hurting souls and it's crazy cause the last couple of days have been doing good now today I see a bunch of bull crap like people are entitled to their opinions I hate when people try and change some one mine by bashing them

— I’ve never actually seen anybody bashing anybody. I see a lot of people with their panties in a bunch who either 1 can’t take advice about safety of their children or 2 can’t take a joke. I also never really saw anybody attacked on B.B. either. Even people that deserved it because they were infact being a bitch.

— Some come in here angry and take it out on others, some come in here happy and share the love, some aint got shit to do and just make things interesting. Its an app, with millions of different women and attitudes. Don't take anything too seriously, specially from a stranger online.

— @bigmama18 I've seen alot on here to make me want to uninstall the app completely like literally like a facebook high school forum where it gets ugly and childish I just scroll by I see alot of people judging others like everybody have their way of parenting and others may not approve of the way they do it it's really sad and I am not the type to disrespect or be mean but some mothers makes me want to bring out its there I just scroll by cause my mouth could be deadly I have even seen were mothers done really tried to inform others like you said and get so ignorant like wth you asked for I will never just instantly feel attacked like some of these mothers I learn alot from mothers on her about alot of things some need to take they petty ass onnnn

— @veemndz facts I'll never allow someone to make me mad if I ask something and they tell me some of us will never meet I just feel like if they mad stay then mad ass at home and leave people here tf alone cause they miserable I would never what goes on in my life I would never come here to attack people I just don't know why they do it

— @bigmama18, that’s all that’s going on

— @mommie_4 right and that's very mean of people I'm so sick of seeing it we have good days on the app but once again then have started with the shit like get over it and let's enjoy being moms

— When we pay attention to that type of behavior, we are also participating. It gets old... like you, I mostly lurk and scroll. Sometimes I want to jump in but at the end what's the point? We're just giving the attention that they want. We're all adults and know how to behave. Some just CHOOSE how to present themselves. Is because of that decision that I decide what to pay attention to. Because at the end people with that type of behavior deserve to look dumb arguing with themselves.

— @liza286 Yessssssssssss that's why I look and shake my head and you get a bunch of silly Strings going on there to argue with them like what's the freaking point I ask myself that all the time like am I not in the era of bull shit nowadays cause I wouldn't go back and forth with someone on the computer screen it's very immature and pointless and they really get upset and rude like a person cannot argue with themselves I love to argue but only with my husband I wouldn't dare pick arguments with people I don't know cause they didn't do anything to me like wheeeewwww

— There are so many mamas posting about real issues or that need real advice and the comments on their posts are nonexistence or minimal. That's where I tend to gravitate to. I stay away from the bump pad folio channel, even though I come from bb, because the only ongoing topics are the battle between bb vs mlifers or dragged drama from bb 🙄 I try to look in other channels that are not pay the attention they deserve. I'm in charge of not wasting my time and to take from the app what is going to be beneficial for me.

— @liza286 right I'm from BB also and it's like a war zone with some of the mothers that's been here on mom life like we all are having kids have kids or trying to conceive why not bring some positive vibes I also learned how not to let it upset me but the things they say and how mean they are it's straight foolishness and if I can't help someone I wouldn't even open my mouth literally

— It's sad we see more posts of women on here fighting and being mean then supporting one another..

— @michaelsmommy17 right like we already don't have enough on our shoulders. Life period for a woman can be tough cause it's like we superhumans or something I'm all for supporting women not shitting on them cause it's not gonna make me any better or feel better just look crazy af if I do that like WTF

— @ambrerumph1440 agreed!!! I got this app back in april when I first found out I was pregnant and I thought oh how great this will be for me and honestly now I barely post or share pictures or my life because it's nothing but drama and bs.

— @michaelsmommy17 right that's why I post small things on here cause some of these ladies on here act like you done hurt them and just dirty at the mouth like wth can't enjoy lregnancy with miserable people can't be bump buddies or whare you life cause it's always a few that's just ridiculous

— I totally agree.