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Could it be possible that my baby is already teething? 😫 she’s super fussy and won’t stop crying. I checked her mouth and this is what I see. She’s only 2 1/2 months. Can’t really get a good pic without her moving

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— Check for inflammation

— I would wash my hands really good and feel around her gums

— the bottom ones usually come out first teething is a horrible stage good luck mama ❤️

— It’s usually bottom ones first then top. The sides don’t come in usually until after a year

— I’m in the stage of teething with my youngest it’s definitely not fun

— My son has been crying a lot too and I think he’s teething. He’ll be 3 months on Saturday. His upper gums are swollen in the front. My daughter didn’t start teething this early but I heard it’s not uncommon for babies to get teeth by 4 months.

— My bub is 3 months and has teeth budding already. It's his little "fangs" up the top. So yes definitely possible!

— @2sweetie,, yeah she’s been crying a lot since last night. I noticed drooling also but I noticed that starting a few days ago. She’s also been sucking on her fingers a lot- don’t know if that’s a sign or a normal baby thing. I had my husband check her gums but we don’t really know what they should feel like.

— They are all signs of teething, but also can just be normal baby behaviour too. Just offer teethers, I just hold them in Rylan's mouth for him amd he gums away on them. Also our doctor said if he seemed in too much pain to give him a bit of baby panadol (tylenol) you will definitely notice the difference between normal cries and pain cries. And just keep an eye on the teeth budding or redness, swelling or inflammation. Also it can cause a bit of diarrhea too.