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Who has tried the new mom app peanut?πŸ€” I may check it out

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β€” I have

β€” @lillynellasmom, do you like it?

β€” I still use this one more it okay it pretty much like facebook and tender for moms you swipe if you think you like them and read about them too then message them.

β€” @lillynellasmom, no thanks

β€” @ella_j_heart, it looked like it from the add I saw lol

β€” @mommynmotion i have talked to some other moms but nothing really comes out of the talking and then they just stop talking and it people that live close to you.

β€” @ella_j_heart is dating site for moms to find other mom friends.

β€” It's cool. I have a playdate set up for tomorrow with a woman I met on there

β€” I haven and no one ever messages back

β€” I’ve had it for probably 4-5 months now. I haven’t made any friends πŸ˜‘ most of them are in Canada on mine because it’s only 15 miles awayπŸ™„

β€” I’m on it & there’s actually so many people near me I get too nervous to try talking to anyone.

β€” I like it, I wish Incas taking to more people but I’m talking to a really cool mom with like interests near me