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East Butler, posts from the channel


I’m still recovering from the damage of a relationship that ended 15 months ago. I’ve been working super hard but can’t get past the isolation phase of CPTSD - which wasn’t caused by him, but it certainly wasn’t something I was even aware of until he entered my life. I’m not sure where to start. How to make even the simplest of steps towards building a support group and making friends... I have 2 kids that need their mama to get this shit under control (5&3)

I lost my father to suicide when I was a kid. I know how important it is to bond to people and allow for my healing. But I’m terrified and stuck.

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— First find someone to talk to who can work with you to create a plan to move forward and learn coping skills so you don’t stay stuck

— You at least know where your pain and fear is from. Many folks don't. And it takes a specialist to help them. You know it may a group on here that was on the main feed. I will have to get back with you. I am still at work

— Feel better mama. I wish you the best of luck. If you need someone to talk to m, I’ll try to help the best I can.