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Curious to know what your ladies signs that you were going into labour... my first was bloody show, this one I'm still playing the waiting game.

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— My first my water broke before anything, my second I had pressure and contractions but wasn’t sure whether it was bh or real so I read walking will make real contractions stronger so I walked to store across from my building and they got stronger and more painful, my third I had bloody show for first time and my dog and youngest were acting weird af. My so was not home and my daughter refused to go to bed before he got home which she had never done ever. My dog came upstairs to our bedroom which she had never done in life, she wasn’t allowed upstairs and she was very well trained.

— Contractions were my first sign. Was having them for hours before anything else 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Mine was my mucus plug came 2 days before I went into labour I of course went into labour 2 days after that but my water never broke they had to break it to speed up the labour. Now I asked my nurses why my water didn’t break but I had my mucus plug, and the simply stated that all women are different and some women have their water break and some don’t but do know that when you have contractions you will known for me everytime I had a contraction I had to stop what I was saying and grip onto something to help it pass. Don’t want to scare you but to let you know how it was for me. Good luck.

— Bleeding, contractions, more bleeding, more contractions, and finally the contractions got so bad that I was crying, and couldn’t walk on my own. I had a pretty rough labor and delivery, I was in labor for two days and pushed for 3 hours, and ripped in 3 different places on the outside twice and once on the inside but thankfully I didn’t rip from my v to my b because I’ve heard that’s the worst pain ever. 😫

— I was so sick, I was glued to the toilet for two days 😷 💩💩💩 then on day 3 I went into labor

— Lower back pain that felt like period cramps. Ended up with horrible back labor.

— My mucus plug took a week to come out and the rest came out when I started to gush amniotic fluid like small gushes it was light pink lol I thought I was peeing myself at first and soon after the contractions started

— I didn't have any signs! One minute I was fine then bam! Contractions!