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3 year old in my town died in a hot car. Grandma was watching him and a few other kids and he locked himself in and died within the 30mins it took her to find him. Makes me sad, mad and emotionally disturbed..

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— I can't imagine what that family is going through. So sad.

— In Arizona usually every year at least 5 die from parents “forgetting” they are in the car. It gets 115 here and a car is over 170-180

— 😢😢 that’s so heartbreaking to hear

— Prayers , poor thing! I don’t know how people forget a child

— @masseymomma16 @momof2boys88 @oceanbabe424 @jojoanmav01 Yeah it's super sad. Apparently what had happened was she was bringing in groceries and two of the kids were fighting so she went to tend to them and one of the kids left the door open and he went outside, crawled in the car and it was child locked so he couldn't open the back up and by the time grandma got done tending with the others she saw the door open and ran out and found him. I'm not sure how true this is, I mean they said he was in there 30 mins, how long does it take to separate and calm two fighting kids?! Knowing their was a younger one in the next room unattended?

— @krs1415, sounds fishy.....