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I see alot about this sweep thing .what is that? How is it done? And what does it do?

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— It’s membrane sweep and it’s supposed to help start labor but it doesn’t work for everyone

— They shrink a doctor and a broom and send them up to clean all the cobwebs so your baby doesn't get stuck in them during labor 🕸

— It’s basically when your dr checks your cervix she/he will swirl their finger around to sweep your membranes.

— @kambam, 😂😂😫

— Ooo 😂 thank you

— @kambam 😂😂

— Basically it's pulling the waters away from the uterine wall a little to help start labor. I just had mine done today and passed the mucus plug almost an hour ago. But like @shay2beautiful said it doesn't always work for everyone. I didn't exactly know what it was either so I looked it up when I got home. @jordanrwilliams25

— I wouldnt get your hopes up to much if ya get the sweep done. I had 3 done and still went over due date and ended in emergency c section.

— @kambam, 😂😂😂