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Detroit, posts from the channel

Trying to Сonceive

I swear im a real account. Still getting used to this app. I will try to post more.

Last night I took a test and it was very negative. Im so tired of this. My doctor when i went said everything looks fine. That was around June1st. I will go back for an appointment august 3rd. Labs next week. I have to be about 2 weeks late. Im just going with the flow. My left side by my ovary area does feel kinda painful. Ive never had an ectopic pregnancy. I did the vvvvvvvfl more than a week ago. But I am not pregnant and I'm just so worried. I am just at my wits end. 6 months ttc and and these last two months have been crazy.

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— Need a friend to talk to I think we're in the same boat ma' 😭