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My daughter eats so fast.. I'm sure this is why she has been throwing up???

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— Give her a little bit and stop burp her and keep doing it. Don’t let her drink it all at once

— That’s if you are using formula.

— @momof2boys88 yes I am using formula. I've been stopping half way and burping her so should I stop more than once to burp her?

— If she is throwing up I would Hun

— @momof2boys88 Okay thank you. I appreciate the feedback. It means alot because this is my first baby and I've never taken care of one. So when her dad is at work I get lost sometimes on what to do

— @sydneykay12 look up paced bottle feeding. If you give that a shot that should help too 😉

— How much are you giving her?

— Babies are born with a sensitive gag reflex. They will spit up until 6 months of age all the time. If the baby is just spitting up but doesnt cry or seem in pain then just keep a rag on you and keep doing what youre doing. A 6 day old cannot overeat, so just keep feeding as usual. If baby is crying and seems in pain from spitting up id ask pedi for reflux meds to help them, but theyll still spit up. It just wont hurt them. Athena spit up until she was 6 months, it was CONSTANT. We never left without a rag. But she nursed 17.5 months and has always been a healthy weight. My second is nursing also and already gaining amazingly. She is spitting up too. Its all normal.

— @iwannaplay 2oz

— @vvrobinson is there a difference in them spitting up and throwing up, like alot of it comes out?

— A 6 day old can too overeat especially on a bottle. 2oz may just be too much mine weren’t eating that in a single feed for over a month

— @sydneykay12 depends when it happens. Spitting up can happen right after or some time after eating but its not a lot. Spit can be thicker and stinky but usually white. Colored spit up would frighten me. Vomitting is usually projectile. But if it happens a minute after eating it could be because the reflex was triggered from movement. For example, ill give cassie boob in the car before we go somewhere and whe will have some milk come out from being strapped in. That kinda thing

— Google the information on pace feeding and use that method for feeding it will allow baby to recognize fullness. If baby doesn’t get the signal for fullness which they won’t because of how fast a bottle flows they will over eat this can cause vomiting and stretching of the stomach so then baby eats more and then it’s a viscous cycle

— Okay I'm gonna try the pace bottle feeding. Now what if she spits up the bottle and then wants more? Do I just feed her again or wait?

— If you’re using pace feeding she shouldn’t be throwing up. If she continues to throw up the whole bottle consult with her dr because it can be caused by something else I tiny bit of spit up is fine but full on throwing up a full feed should be seen by a dr if you’re not over feeding which pace feeding should prevent