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Venting & TMI

Hi I’m 6 weeks and 4 days I’ve been having bleeding and cramping for the past 2-3 days took some blood test my hcg levels were 1733.9( is this normal) I’ve had two ultrasounds at the er just because I was getting so scared with the bleeding but every time the babies heart beat is still there my doctor doesn’t want me to get any more blood drawn and I don’t understand why I want to know if my hcg levels are going up or down? Has anyone experienced this I just really want everything to be okay .

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— I bled for a few days with slight cramps due to an irritated cervix from sex. If you seen your baby’s heartbeat try to relax mama

— If there’s a heartbeat I wouldn’t worry your blood won’t give you any answers. When I was 6 weeks with my second I started bleeding SUPER heavy, I bled until 22 weeks. I had a subchoronic bleed/hematoma. I saw heartbeat in er at 6 weeks and they said everything was fine, I didn’t have another until 12 weeks, no blood draws nothing. My baby girl was born healthy at 38 weeks. Try not to stress the heartbeat is a very good sign.

— I bled from 6 weeks to 11 weeks. But eaxh time baby was okay. My doctor said sometimes we bleed during placenta implantation.

— @angikay, thank you I’m feeling way better actually hearing other people had some bleeding as well definitely took some stress away.

— As long as babys heart is beating , your good. Having sex I'm early pregnancy is also the number one cause for bleeding ... Cervix is super sensitive !! Try not to stress over the bleedimg love , I know its easier said than done , because its terrifying to see blood. But everything will be okay !! Best wishes !!