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Anyone else with an iPhone X have a black spot on your screen? Out of no where the bottom left corner has this spreading blackness. It’s slowly creeping over my screen more and more. It’s almost completely covering my emoji button 🙄

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— No but this happened to my baby monitor with my daughter and we had to get a whole new one. There’s no fix for it. Sorry, but sounds like you need to get a new phone 😟

— Call the Apple store, the x’s have several screen issues. Mine had a green line running vertically down the left side. They replaced it for free

— I had that happen when I dropped my 5. It looked like ink in my screen and it got bigger and bigger and all of a sudden it was gone. My daughter uses it now n it still does it once in a while.

— @k_mae1989, Yeah it looks like ink. I’ve dropped it maybe twice. Ugh.

— @pumpernickel, The Apple store by me never answers their freaking phone so I’m gonna go in this weekend. We have full coverage insurance so it should be free to replace.

— @bitchcraft, regardless they should replace it for free anyway because that phone has common problems and it’s not the users fault