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It sucks that I can still see posts from people that have blocked me in the "popular posts" section. It's such a tease!

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— Right!?!

— Yep

— Yes!

— This made me laugh. You looking for drama yaya?

— @coffeemomm, says "yep" but she's got half the app blocked.😂

— @britt., I can’t with you. @yayacarrington, it’s annoying huh

— Yep. It annoys me too.

— Who's got you blocked @yayacarrington,

— I find it weird that I’m blocked by someone and I can’t still see their comments. I guess it’s just that I can’t see their posts?

— Are the popular posts the same for everyone? Because I’m trying to click on one and it won’t come up. Says the post has been deleted. But it’s still up even after I close the site

— @ss3mom, is it something like mama bear?

— Or is it that the person is private? Cause it’s says “oops this post is not available to you” . What’s up with that?

— @ss3mom, you’re blocked love.

— Or is it that the person is private? Cause it’s says “oops this post is not available to you” . What’s up with that?

— @ss3mom, I think you’re blocked. I am also. I can’t remember that un. Maybe it’s somebody who disliked B.B. ladies?

— @dontspankme, yes

— @ss3mom, ok then yeah we’re blocked lol 🤷🏻‍♀️

— @bigmama18, @dontspankme, what the heck! I don’t even know her?!? It’s so odd!!

— She blocked ever

— @ss3mom, don’t get upset. Some women on here are just weird.

— @ss3mom, she was my 1st block and I was like wtf. I’ve never even spoken to her. But then realized it wasn’t me.

— @dontspankme, @bigmama18, yea that’s really weird. Ok thanks ladies. I just don’t understand why some are so quick to judge when they don’t even know u!!

— @ss3mom, from what I hear all you B.B. women do is just attack everybody and give unwanted car seat safety tips. Y’all are just freaking rude!!

— @kittywearingmama Not particularly. I wanted to see the bears she got from build a bear.

— @yayacarrington, but your a saint how can some one block you 😂🤣

— @luvmyboogie Not always! 😜

— I forget why she blocked me. It was a while back. I had forgotten all about it until she came up on the popular posts.

— I can see all of the "popular" posts.💁🏻💅

— @yayacarrington, same!!! Not many people were lucky today. Meaning I wanted to see her bears lol!! Haha I guess I should have said more. What I did say didn’t really make sense haha

— @bigmama18, no you’re a troll get it right!! Geez lol

— @pumpernickel, you see I can’t seem to remember her new username. But I definitely remember that Hawkins chick. Crazy ass

— @yayacarrington, 😱 I didn’t know that side of you😉

— @pumpernickel, really hawkinsmommy blocked me? I really don’t know why. I don’t think we even spoke

— I realized I was blocked by a whole lot of people today 😂 why? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Couldn't tell you. It's funny to think anyone would block you though Yaya

— Agreed .

— @yayacarrington I tried to look at the buildabears too and realized I was blocked. I don't think I've even talked to her before.

— Your post about being blocked from people on the popular posts made it to popular posts! Whoop whoop! But for real what kind of world are we living in that @yayacarrington, and @ss3mom, are worthy of a block?

— @ltee, thanks!! I don’t know what I did to get blocked from her. Oh well. I just wanted to see her bears that’s all lol

— @ss3mom, she blocked everyone from B.B. She had run ins with a few people and decided that she wanted nothing to do with anyone from B.B.