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Don’t know how to explain going try my best. I stater to move in with my boyfriend and he has a child at 6 year old he super kind and sweet and my son always play together befor. But now that we are stater to be together more and more my son has gotten more mean. He hates, bits, kick, and push. Is this a phase or is there something I can do to help him or teach him that it a no.

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— Omg sorry about your son. But I was so happy to see you are watching the fellowship. I LOVE LOTR♥️♥️♥️

— Maybe give him some extra cuddles cuz kids don’t transition to new things as well as adults would so I would suggest extra attention not leaving out the other of course but do things just him and do thing as a family unit

— @chrissymartinez88, we are and I was going put him in daycare this year and the way he act with his brother now is make me worry little