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Ambulance came today. My heart was pounding for over an hour, cold sweat, clammy, shaking arms and hands. It wouldn't go away, the checked me out and heart rate was high but I was A Ok. Thank God, it was scary.

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β€” Just put of curiosity why did you call an ambulance over that? Why didn't you just go to an ER or urgent care?

β€” My husband was at work and I was so shaky I didn't want to risk driving with my 2 children. The emts told me to call again if it happens again. So why r u judging why I called or not? Am I not allowed or something. Because this is their profession amd they made it clear to call again for same reason.

β€” @leahkay over that? Heart problems r a big deal.

β€” Woah, no need to get defensive. I was simply asking a question. 😳 You never stated they told you to call back if it kept happening. From what you said in your post it didn't sound like a life or death situation and everything turned out fine. That why I was asking.

β€” Sounds like a blood sugar problem. What did they say was wrong?

β€” Wow. Glad you are ok. Truly all that matters. Thank you Lord JesusπŸ™

β€” @leahkay heart problems are life and death situations honey. Ambulances arent nessasarily for life and death only anyways. My insurance pays them so no need worry about that. I shouldn't have to say that in my post. Ur question was very rude.

β€” @riasm85 thank u, me too. I was worried about the baby the most.

β€” @cams I thought so too so I ate some crackers and still didnt help. I didn't opt to go to hospital for further testing. Im going to let my OB know about this. My vitals were ok except the high pulse but it wasnt extremely high and went down some after they got here. They think my body went in fight or flight mode for some reason.

β€” @patdor49 you're being extremely defensive for no reason. I don't understand why my question was rude, I was just wondering. I must have struck a nerve. 🀷

β€” @leahkay ur asking me why I called, as if I shouldn't have, and that I should of drove myself to E.R or urgent care and risk getting into a wreck. Ur also telling me after the fact when the ambulace already came. So it's not evwn relevant. U belittled the reason why I called them. I've BTDT on these mommy boards. I knew I was going to get a rude comment about calling them..someone always trys to find the wrong in someone calling an ambulance nearly every single time.

β€” @leahkay let's just say u made my heart rate go up again. That's how rude and belittling to my situation it was and if it was in person, I would of told u off. Okay? :)

β€” If a simple question made your heart rate go up, the internet isn't for you.

β€” I’m glad you are okay. I don’t think @leahkay, question was rude or belittling. I see it as a simple question... and that you got defensive some. Did the EMT give you any other advice? Try to relax some, put your feet up if you can and watch some comedy. That usually helps me relax.

β€” @patdor49 you're getting your self worked up for no reason. Go back and read what I said. I never said you shouldn't have called the ambulance, I simply asked why you did instead of going to er or urgent care. You immediately got defensive for no reason. Your post made it sound like it wasnt a serious situation so I didn't know if there was more to the story like you have a heart condition or something. I wasn't being rude or belittling you. 🀦

β€” Also I should add that I understand why you called since you had your children with you. If you wouldn't have jumped on me for asking a question I would have had the chance to say that.

β€” Sounds exactly like a panic attack or anxiety attack I get them and it’s rough I thought I was dying... p.s sorry about the weirdo wondering why you called an ambulance lol like why!? That’s literally what people do when they need help my aunt and mom have strokes and each time t happened guess what they did...yeah and it saved their life!

β€” @mommynmotion, she's not a weirdo, she asked a simple question.

β€” @patdor49, what does BTDT mean?