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Holy cow I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or all the biotin I’ve been taking but I got my nails done on Sunday and look at how much growth I have already?! (Don’t pay attention to the horrible chipping I know lol) but seriously it’s been literally 4 days and I have noticeable growth. Crazy.

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— Mine are like that. So I do gel nails but at home because I have to do them so often. I just removed the gel today and clipped them down, I can't believe how fast they grow... I thought it was because the prenatals but I'm not sure. :)

— @heilwife317, I would love to do my own gel nails at home but I don’t have the UV lamp or anything.

— @the.real.og, hahaha totally feel you mama! I also take biotin but had to stop for now just cause that and my fish oil, prenatal vitamin, and probiotic my hair is as long as Rapunzel😂

— @the.real.og I spent $15 on a light on amazon, and $8 for color and $8 for the top/base set. $31 total all Amazon prime. Sounds like a lot but compared to what you could be spending regularly on the gel and then fills, etc. Totally worth the cost! :)

— @heilwife317, oh wow that’s not bad at all! Anything I’ve looked at was like $50 or more for everything you need 🤔 I need to look into it again lol

— @melissaredfield87, lol I take soooo much biotin I’m trying to grow my hair back tho so I’m not stopping! It used to be super long until I damaged it so bad and had to chop it off 😭 Guess I’ll just be filing my nails constantly 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol

— @the.real.og so I actually have this $11 lamp. You can only dry 1 hand at a time...but truthfully you shouldn't wait anyway otherwise you are more likely to get it on your skin. MelodySusie Portable LED Nail Lamp

— @the.real.og Dnd top and base coat currently more than I estimated at $11 And then choose a color pack: which are all $9. **I get nothing from this but I love them so much I am a huge fan of sharing this discovery with others.**

— @heilwife317, awesome thank you! U have to use special remover for the gel?

— @the.real.og nope. Soak in regular nail polish remover with acetone. But truthfully I just wait until it grows out and then I peel it off. When I peel slowly and easily it doesn't tear off the nail. But definitely do whichever makes you more comfortable.

— @heilwife317, last time I got gel and peeled it off it peeled off the top layer of my nail 😖 and they were all thin and ruined until they grew all the way out lol not doing that again!

— @the.real.og yikes. Yeah don't do that then. These are mine after peeling that color off. Every time I take it off I apply a clear coat of nail strengthener polish and then a clear quick dry top coat. 😀

— This is literally ten days of growth 🤦🏼‍♀️ they’re my real nails not acrylics too! I was thinking about getting SNS powder and doing them myself at home