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Help. First day of progesterone injection. Advised to inject in the butt. Has anyone done self injections in this area with progesterone in oil? Any tips?

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— I’ve only self injected twice but I’ve gathered some tips that have helped me. I use a heat pad on High and warm my butt until it tingles. I also draw the injection and make sure the injection needle is tightly secure and I warm the injection along with my butt. Follow the instructions on Freedom Fertility for exactly where to inject yourself. I then found that gently resting the needle on butt and letting the needle go in with gentle pressure is the least painful for me. After I add pressure with a gauze pad to stop any possible bleed, I follow up with an alcohol pad to wipe the injection site as progesterone on the skin can be an irritant. Finally I take the heat pad and massage my butt to distribute the oil more. I make sure and walk around a bit after and that helps decrease butt soreness the following day. This is what has worked for me but I’m no doctor! My RE said warming up oil and butt is fine but not to burn myself with it! Lol. Oh, I also suggest that if you can be patient with how slowly it injects, ask for 25G needles. If not at least 23g! They’re super thin and don’t hurt nearly as much for injection. I still used the 22G needles for drawing the progesterone. My RE was surprised it worked for me and asked if it went in ok, and I said it takes a little longer but it doesn’t hurt as much so it’s worth it for me. Also, injecting slowly helps with distribution so that’s good too. Warming the oil also makes it less viscous, AKA easier to inject, so the injection will flow smoother. PIO Ethyl Ol..., is thinner and may be better for injection if you can get it instead. I think it costs more. I’ve heard others complain that it’s easier to inject but leaves lumps. I found it helped me more. I’ve now been injecting myself for two cycles now so I think I’ve got my system down. Good luck!! Hope this helps!

— @l-cubed, wow thanks. Those are great tips. Sheesh I had an anxiety attack prior to my shot. I had so much adrenaline from my nerves that I ended up not feeling a thing. However, I’m sure it won’t always be like that. So I’m definitely going to follow your tips. Currently I’m injecting with 22g needle. I will inquire about smaller size. Thanks!

— @l-cubed thanks, I will definitely keep note of that so when I get to that bridge I can cross

— I hope it helps you guys. My DH just discovered a new tip. He’s found that the hip is another lovely site for injections. It doesn’t hurt much at all. So I think it’s when you place your right hand on the right hip with palm directly in hip point with fingers pointed up towards torso. Between the index and middle finger is another injection site. I’ve added it to my rotation as I have 1ml of PIO I inject twice a day. Good luck!🍀