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What baby detergent do you mommies use? How's seventh generation & babyganics?

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— I don’t use a baby one. All free and clear. Works great since my boys have eczema. I use it for the entire family.

— I’ve been using the tried and true Dreft detergent. I’m not sure how “old school” it is, but my Mother swears by it...and she’s a 50s baby lol. It’s great for newborns, infants, and toddlers, as the detergent is formulated to the degree of activity for each stage. I used it to wash all of my daughter’s clothes before her arrival, and continue to do so. Anything that is paraben, sulfate, and fragrance free is a winner in my book. My daughter inherited her eczema from moi lol. Be discriminating against products that are marketed as plant based because they do contain chemical substitutes. Not to frighten you at all. Just to encourage you to be discerning. You’ve got this Mama!

— I have dreft but I use all free and clear more

— I used all baby but now we don’t after finding out he has no problem with using regular detergent on accident