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Meal ideas for Gestational Diabetes, please?
Thanks in advance ladies.

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— Backed chicken with a side of pepers onions and mushroom fried

— Stake with a side of lettuce cucumber tomato and boiled egg sliced in the salad

— Bake green and red pepers in the pven stuffed with scrambled egg and feta cheese

— I had GD it sucked !!!! When i had the baby i made sure i looked at that placenta before they carried it away and said a big goodbye to it !!!

— Hmmm lets see.... Fajitas with low carb tortillas, hummus and cucumbers, scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese in a low carb tortilla, chicken salads, look up keto recipes they're super low carb and really tasty!!! Aldi's light and fit bread is pretty low in carbs if you want to get that and use for pb or ham n cheese sandwiches. Stay away from corn, potatoes, and pastas. Carb manager is a good app to use to track carbs. Try to stick to 150 carbs a day.

— @verguinia with my first I had no problems except for the morning sickness up until I delivered but other than that I so would take morning sickness over diabetes any day and I just got it but for some reason it's becoming to be a bit hard for me I never realized how many meals that not intentionally but I just didn't eat like they want me to eat breakfast lunch and dinner but snacks in between and sometimes like I don't eat breakfast until like noon and after that I'll just eat go straight to dinner instead of lunch so that's a little rough

— @mother.of.2 yessss i also didnt eat breakfast its hard to be writing all that stuff i started having like my coffee as a meal lol then wait 2hrs and wrote the result then i would make eggs,with fried eggplant around 10 am and coynt that as lunch and then eat dinner a nice meal full of veggies and protine around 6 and,alot of water throught the day and i found sugar free jelly and peanut butter also thier is a bread in the supermarket called double protine i didnt get high suger from it but didnt eat too much of it

— @aileen_west omg, I feel the exact way! I hate it so much. But I will for sure try this and hoping things get easier, I only have 5 weeks left if I don't have to get induced before but thank you so much.

— @aileen_west it is very frustraighting but i learned that there are people out there who live like this not because they are pregnant but bexause they have diebeties and i started to be more thankful i had this experience so that i can change to a healthy lifestyle before its too late