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I’m sorry I got a little heated today. Im usually a very even Keel/mellow Person but I was upset and took things maybe a bit too far. I’m very sorry if I’ve let anyone down. ESP those who really do know what kind of person I am. I like to think that there are a few in this group that do know me better then your typical internet stranger. So I let my temper get out of control. I’ve deleted most of my comments on the post. From now on I’m staying away from all that. I’m back as your supportive and friendly ss3mom!!

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— ❤️❤️❤️ Never let internet strangers get to you hun.

— It’s ok we all loose our temper from time to time ❤️

— @dontspankme, I know I shouldn’t but I do genuinely care about some of u ladies and I hate to see anyone get hurt by another mother. When we really as women and mothers we should be lifting each other up not breaking them down.

— @onceuponafairytale, I know it is. But I’m just usually not the kind of person. I wasn’t feeling well and I took it out on the post. Better that that then my kids right?! Lol

— I haven’t been on today so I don’t know what happen but I can say I know that you are such a sweet person and have never seen you be anything but sweet. Tempers can get the best of us sometimes and everyone has let something get to them of some sort. Don’t be hard on yourself hun.

— @ss3mom, I agree. I’m trying not to be so negative and I get how people can get under your skin. It happens to me too. But I’m grateful for all the great mamas I got to know on here and B.B.

— @heathernken_bb, it was just a messy post that I should have stayed away from. But instead I got all heated and lost my cool.

— @heathernken_bb, and thank u for the kind words!! I really appreciate that!!