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My daughter has a really bad rash. It looks so raw and she screamed when I went to wipe her. I’ve never seen it this bad. It just happened a few hours ago bWhat can I do? I put a lot of desitin on her

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— I would ask the doc and let the doc see it. They prescribed a cream for my daughter last year because she had a bad diaper rash, just from the summer heat. It went away in a week.

— He had a yeast diaper rash once that was so bad, and the doctor said to use athletes foot cream. Cleared up in a day! We won't use regular wipes during that time either, instead we'll use Water Wipes or just wet washcloths. Triple Paste seems to clear up regular rashes pretty well. Desitin rarely made any difference.

— Long time ago....back when babybump existed...a mom recommended baking soda diluted in fresh water, followed by aquaphor and corn starch. I dont remember her name and I dont even know if she is on this app. But I thank her sooooo much because my dd skin was raw and bleeding!!!