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Has anyone tried eating fresh pineapple to go into labor and it actually work?

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— It never worked for me, but my doctor suggested eating unripe papaya and sure enough I forced 2 whole ones down and went into labor the next morning

— I eat pinapples all the time still i got nothing lol but a kick to my bladder smh

— Not myself I don’t like pineapple but my sister did.

— I ate a whole pineapple and nothing lol

—, @brittany_blessing,, @mimixtmn, @bebefever94, ive been trying everything and nothing has helped me. I’m not dilated at all :(

— Didn’t work for me

— Worked for me

— @jazzyj, May just not be your time yet dear. Due dates are estimates you could go into labor two weeks before or two weeks after your given due date but of course they would probably induce you before that full two weeks

— @bebefever94, yeah my dr said Tuesday if I haven’t dilated any by next week with him already being a mid 8 pound baby that we will talk about options of getting induce, c section and ect. My due date on Next Monday and I have a dr appointment Tuesday along with an ultrasound.