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My 11 yr old son went to his 1st summer camp away from home with the Boy Scouts. He's been gone 5 days and i'm going crazy! 😳 They are camping with no cell phone service and no electronics so we have no contact with him at all! 😭 2 more days until I see him...I can't stand it any longer! I need my boy back! I wish they could have let the boys call home at least once just to check in. I want him home I miss him so much. 😭

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— Yeah I would miss mine too. I’m sure he’s fine but I don’t like the no contact thing. Surely they’d call if there’s an emergency or if he simply wants to speak to you huh?

— @inkedsouthernbelle Yes they do have a phone at the main office for emergencies. But they won't let them call home just to check in. I just wish they got one call home to say "hey mom I'm doing okay." ya know?! I still have 2 days to get thru...he comes home Saturday evening! 😳

— @lifeisgood2me, yeah that’s a bit extreme to me. I mean parents worry as they should. I know you’re stressed and it’s tough to say this but it’s only 2 more days so hang in there. Im sure he’s fine and enjoying whatever he’s doing and missing you like crazy 😜

— @inkedsouthernbelle I keep trying to tell myself that. Lol 😳 I got this. 😎