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Need advice: my first daughter was an awful sleeper and would only sleep if held. I even had the summer infant cosleeping thing and she hated it. So now baby number two is almost here and I’m stuck between using the pack n play or the halo bassinet. At first I wanted the mamroo but I don’t feel safe using anything f inclined for night time sleep. Any advice would be great ❤️ I’m very worried about having the same experience.

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— @mamatojessegrace this is the only thing my son would sleep in other than being held..... He is 2 and just found it the other day and fell asleep in it again 😆

— @scidg3 that's what my daughter sleeps in.

— I'd personally go with a bassinet first.

— I do pac n plays. I love them and they are practical. Plus they can stay in them till they are too big. That way there’s no transition so early in life.

— I would not do the rock n play unless you have to. My doctor said not to because the incline can cut off their air way. Pack and play is always an awesome option. We never tried a bassinet