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@leroydoom, and all Halloween movie lovers. This one is hilarious.


The ending to the kidnapping story made me almost pee on me self from laughter lol

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β€” I actually haven't seen this one yet! I'll watch it soon. 😁

β€” @leroydoom, cool!!! Its b horror fun

β€” I was gonna watch it the other day but afraid it was going to be cheesey. Oh just saw that u said it's a B movie lol

β€” @ladyfreyja, it is cheesy horror if you like that lol

β€” @leroydoom, I also, check these out @ladyfreyja,

β€” This one had too many sex scenes but it was comical.

β€” @icebergahead, Omg lol Patchwork looks like it could be something like human centipede lmao. I don't know if my eyes could stand watching it. But I'm sure human centipede is far by worse

β€” @ladyfreyja, probably nothing like it. Its not gory. I never watched the human centipede.

β€” @icebergahead, please don't watch it. Wish I never did. I don't know what I was thinking at the time

β€” @ladyfreyja, it is not my kind of horror lol

β€” @leroydoom, if you love zombie (infected) movies It’s foreign