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Why do I feel guilty that my 2 year old can't watch YouTube xx

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— What??

— I don't let my 2 year old watch YouTube on my fone does that make me a bad mum x

— Why would it make u a bad mum?

— Why don't you just monitor what he watches on there?

— One off the most barmy questions iv seen on her

— @abbiehowe8 was this the girl

— Isn't this the fake that was on here before ?

— Think so

— Am not a fake and he use to watch dipdap and the shapes but I don't let him watch it anymore coz he throws my fone and it breaks jus wanted some advice that's ur all so horrible I fort this app was for advice and stuff

— You can get an app called ‘YT kids’ which is kids YouTube they can’t watch anything bad @tumaltyalison,

— @jodiedillon3 She's not fake it was a misunderstanding

— @ellieseandamelia no I mean he jus throws my fone wenhe watches the kids stuff so I dont let him watch YouTube anymore x

— @tumaltyalison oh I see cool 😊 x

— @tumaltyalison, oh okay, he’s just need into it not your fault why should you feel like a bad mum for that, if anything that’s a good thing ☺️

— @tumaltyalison, get a cheap tablet job done.