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This may be the last BBQ before baby is born so hopefully its good went to the beach a bonfire and walked the park last night came home got in a nice long hot shower and did the doo lol and passed out all while in pain bout to clean and chill with family

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— Lol you are so close. I keep up with your posts and see all the things your body has been going through lately and Yes, this sure could be the last bbq! 😂

— @malbhurtado thanks babe and he coming soon I'm doing to much deep cleaning and the house be spotless so I just find a reason to deep clean 😂😂😂🤣🤣everybody love the way I BBQ so they be asking every week so I finally caved in today and said ok I guess I'll do it before he comes and I cook like I'm cooking Thanksgiving ion know what everybody gonna do when he comes cause I'm not going to be cooking like this for a while so they gonna be shit outta luck 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was two centimeters the other day I know I dilated more since then we shall see on Tuesday cause baby boy is whooping his mama

— Lol nesting! Mine hasn’t really kicked in yet but I love when it does! Yum I’m jealous I bet it’s good. Send some via amazon I’ll get it in two days!! Haha aww keep me updated and have fun today!

— @malbhurtado I surely will send you some hun and I been nesting for about two months but now it's getting crazy cause I can't stand a spot on the floor I get the scrubbing the walls and the floor