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Ok guys. My baby is 3 months and is starting to cry a lot. He only wants me to hold him and the moment his dad gets him he screams like bloody hell. Is this normal?

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— Yes! My daughter went through a phase where I had “the spot” I could quickly calm her laying/holding her a certain way. My husband tried and it never worked. He felt terrible about it too. Does he cry when you hold him too though?

— Yuppp

— @masseymomma16, nope. My husband feelings be hurt too lol. The moment I touch him he completely calms down. We can hold him the same way but its something about my touch he recognizes and immediately settles down. He's starting to cry with me but so far my husband figured it out... that he just be hungry and I underestimate the fact that he is hungry because I would have been just fed him. I think since he is starting to spit up then its causing him to be hungry quicker.